Our Projects

Educating the Future

Science Outreach

Our Science Department, led by Commander Robert Hall, has developed several STEM and STEAM outreach programs to engage young minds in creative as well as critical thinking to prepare them for the world ahead. Robert’s science department works with local intermediate and junior high schools to bring and demonstrate exciting laboratory experiments and activities for the students.

Helping the Community

Volunteer outreach

Aboard the USS Zavala we believe in forwarding Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a united humanity at peace. One of the ways we work toward this goal is by organizing groups of members to volunteer hours for charity.  Commander Wendy Weston leads our Medical Department and organizes our volunteer activities. Our current charity is the Houston Area Women’s Center, where members volunteer for several of their events each year.

Helping Heal

Fundraising Events

The USS Zavala participates in many fundraising events each year. These include the Houston Area Women’s Center Race Against Violence and Extra-Life 24 Hours of Gaming. We also create stuffed tribbles and adopt them out at conventions and events that we have. All of the funds we get for the tribbles is donated each year to the Houston Area Women’s Center. All funds donated through Extra-Life go directly to Texas Children’s Hospital.